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Are you ready to change? Are you ready to have your fundamental perception of reality altered? It will not be easy, for you canaille are addicted to your devices, your antidepressants, and to your hatred of life. But our teachers can help you change, to be a better human being, one who respects the earth and all its life forms, and who lives a life full of Life and the Gods, not the death of the phone.

“Don’t you see, idiot and fool, that you have lost the ram out of your life entirely, and it is one great connection gone, one great life-flow broken? Don’t you see you are so much the emptier, mutton-stuffed and wool-wadded, but lifeless, lifeless.

And the oak-tree, the slow great oak-tree, isn’t he alive? Doesn’t he live where you don’t live, with a vast silence you shall never, never penetrate, though you chop him into kindling shred from shred? He is alive with life such as you have not got and will never have. And in so far as he is a vast, powerful, silent life, you should worship him.

You should seek a living relation with him. Didn’t the old Englishman have a living, vital relation to the oak-tree, a mystic relation? Yes, mystic! Didn’t the red-faced old Admirals who made England, have a living relation in sacredness, with the oak-tee which was their ship, their ark? The last living vibration and power in pure connection, between man and tree, coming down from the Druids. […]

Do you think the tree is not, now and for ever, sacred and fearsome? The trees have turned against you, fools, and you are running in imbecility to your own destruction.” —D. H. Lawrence