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Urzeitig Press

Urzeitig Press has been formed with the goal of publishing works based on the principles established by D. H. Lawrence in his political, philosophic, and religious writings. Works with a similar scope and substance to that of Lawrence’s ideas, or consistent with some of his ideals are welcomed. Lawrence was a great novelist and his novels even have the uncanny ability to alter one’s state of consciousness, but he was far more than just a great novelist. As such, our mission is to publish authors and books that utilize Lawrencian principles to help heal our world. We are a small and new publishing house, but we have lofty goals, foremost among them to change the world by helping to end the age of the machine.

“We are just on the sea, looking down into a little cove. The water smashes up the black rocks. It is nice. Then the bare, unformed, urzeitig [primeval] landscapethere really might be rock-hurling giants and odd pixies. If only it weren’t all cut up into fields! … Alas Alas! What is going to become of the world? … The desert is the only place.” —D. H. Lawrence