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About our President and Founder

Farasha Euker is a poet, scholar, philosopher, and mystic; one who is as comfortable wading through the texts of Heidegger as walking through the forests of myth or sailing the seas of story. Farasha is deeply passionate about healing our broken, burning world. Our belief is that words have the power to work magic and that the writings of D. H. Lawrence have an unparalleled ability to alter one’s consciousness. Farasha’s writings aim to bring together the insights of the great saints and sages of our time, Lawrence foremost among them, then explicate their teachings to a new generation. The world is burning. By accepting Farasha’s invitation, your own soul can burn like a phoenix, and only then can you be healed of the disease of modernity.

Are you willing to be sponged out, erased, cancelled,
made nothing?
Are you willing to be made nothing?
dipped into oblivion?

If not, you will never really change.

The phoenix renews her youth
only when she is burnt, burnt alive, burnt down
to hot and flocculent ash.
Then the small stirring of a new small bub in the nest
with strands of down like floating ash
Shows that she is renewing her youth like the eagle
immortal bird. —D. H. Lawrence