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New Ventures

The world of adventure is pretty well used up, especially for a man who has a wage to earn. He gets a little tired of being spoon-fed on wireless, cinema, and newspaper, sitting an inert lump while entertainment or information is poured into him. He wants to do something.

D. H. Lawrence, “Red Trousers”

I am pleased to announce some new ventures I have been working on for quite some time. All of these projects take as their starting point the facts that our world is burning, that we humans are the agents of that destruction, that we achieve this destruction and devastation through technology, that we have let the machine control our lives because there is a flaw in modern metaphysics, and that the writings of D. H. Lawrence are the soothing balm that can help heal our souls, institute a new metaphysics, and help to create a new political reality decentered from human civilization.

The First of these projects is The Machine Will Never Triumph: A Lawrencian Critique of Technology, tentative publication date autumn 2022, which is a book I have been writing and rewriting over the past couple of years. The book aims to demolish the entire edifice of modern technological society and show a path forward to a more wild world based on Lawrencian principles.

The second project is Urzeitig Press, a publishing house explicitly founded upon Lawrencian ideas and ideals.

The third project is The Rananim Foundation, which aims to bring D. H. Lawrence’s thoughts to a wider audience and to help create monastic communities in the wilderness based on his religious, political, and philosophic ideas.

If you are interested in helping with any of these projects or would like further information, please don’t hesitate to contact me.