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Heidegger on Bees

Farasha Euker

The world now appears as an object open to the attacks of calculative thought, attacks that nothing is believed able any longer to resist. Nature becomes a gigantic gasoline station, an energy source for modern technology and industry. This relation of man to the world as such, in principle a technical one, developed in the seventeenth century first and only in Europe. It long remained unknown in other continents, and it was altogether alien to former ages and histories.

Martin Heidegger, “Discourse on Thinking”
We are all beings
be-ing towards Being,
but to taste life’s sweet honey,
we must learn to start
The Earth is a hive
filled with drones and workers,
be-ing unto death,
and the only escape
is the path of authenticity;
the path of the Queen.
The collective builds their
cells of honey, while
we build our cell-phone towers,
and we think we are in control,
but we are mindless automotons,
being called from the standing reserves.
Do you have the courage to live
the path of the Queen,
and fight alongside the gods?
For “only a god can save us now!”