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Dear Lorenzo

Farasha Euker

That author has drawn the happiest lot who as an old man can say that all of life-engendering, strengthening, elevating, enlightening thought and feeling that was in him lives on in his writings, and that he himself is now nothing but the grey ashes, while the fire has everywhere been rescued and borne forward.

Friedrich Nietzsche, “Human, All To Human”
Dear D. H. Lawrence,
Saint Lorenzo,
Poet, philosopher, prophet, savior
for our times:
Your writings mean more to me
than words can say.
I came so close to meeting you
through your writings
so many times
in the past,
but it took much time
before we became
properly acquainted.
It is a strange set of occurrences
that barred me from the knowledge
of your works
at earlier moments
of my personal history,
but perhaps it is destiny.
You have changed my life
for the better,
shown me a path forward,
and exposed the sham of the modern canaille.
I realize nothing I write
can properly express my thanks
for all you have given
my mind, heart, and soul,
so I will just utter the following prayer:
may you have reached the Goal,
the Dark God,
after your long journey
on the ship of death,
may you have resurrected
as the phoenix you so loved,
may you fly through the heavens
inspiring the awe of the
Gods and angels,
and may your writings
burn brightly
with an immortal flame
that burns