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Clock Time

Farasha Euker

When writing was withdrawn from the origin of its essence, i.e. from the hand, and was transferred to the machine, a transformation occurred in the relation of Being to man.

Martin Heidegger, “Parmenides”
Being and Time are inextricably
To attain the fullness of
One must unravel time,
like a chain tangles
through the ages.
To unravel time, one must
understand it,
but, alas, we are farther,
farther away than ever,
for we think of time
in terms of the clock,
but time has existed far back
in the black expanses
before even Stonehenge,
and shall exist long after
the last watch has returned
to that from which it sprung.
Time is everything and nothing
all at once;
it is the ancients listening to
their oral tales;
it is the bird experiencing the
numinous brightness of the Sun,
but it is not sitting in front of
a device.
That is not time;
that is death!
The ancients aimed to attain to Nothingness;
The moderns are just nothing;
null, void, machine humanity.