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About Us

Lawrence […] spent himself opposing this subtle, tendency that masqueraded as modernity, but was in reality both murder and suicide. He was allied with the old, dark gods of life, the undisclosed, impenetrable gods who live in the living and remain forever unnamed. So, […] life for Lorenzo was a fight to the death, and the world was a battle-field for him. — Mabel Dodge Luhan

We are teachers in the old tradition going back, back, back before even Plato’s academy. We have our roots in the Orphic wisdom traditions, ancient Egyptian theology, the Etruscans, and the rites and rituals of the ancients from times long gone; from the Hopi, to the European tree-worshippers. Our prophet is D. H. Lawrence (Saint Lorenzo), who has taught us the greatest and most profound religious teachings for our time. Earth is sacred, the Moon is sacred, the Sun is sacred, and we need to start by acknowledging that fact. There are Gods, many Gods, both outside of ourselves and within ourselves. Artemis, Zeus, Odin, Osiris, and others are all as real as the Christian and Muslim monotheist Gods. We are teachers of and for these Gods and for the earth. We honor all living things; birds, beasts, and flowers alike, and for us even the smallest of trees is sacred.

The planet is in trouble. Our human hubris has wreaked havoc on this, our only home. There are those out there who claim the only way to solve our problems is with more technology. They are wrong! Then there are the vast masses of robot humanity who live their sad and miserable lives attached to their phones and other devices. Sad! Sad! This is not a life that honors the Gods. Saint Lorenzo has come with a gospel to teach us, a gospel which can save us all. This gospel is the gospel of Life, which is inherently against machines and technology of all sorts. Our teachers are here to teach you this anti-tech gospel, which is the only way to save your soul and our beautiful planet. The machine must never triumph!

Talk with us, learn from us, and come to see the doors that we can open. Saint Lorenzo’s writings can change your entire outlook on life, making you a better, happier person, one who is at one with all things.

“All men are worshippers
unless they have fallen, and become robots.


All men worship the wonder of life
until they collapse into egoism, the mechanical, self-centred system of the


But even in pristine men, there is the difference:
some men can see life clean and flickering all around,
and some can only see what they are shown.


Some men look straight into the eyes of the gods
and some men can see no gods, they only know
the gods are there because of the gleam on the faces of the men who see.


Most men, even unfallen, can only live
by the transmitted gleam from the faces of vivider men
who look into the eyes of the gods.


And worship is the joy of the gleam from the eyes of the gods,
and the robot is denial of the same,
even the denial that there is any gleam.” —D. H. Lawrence