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Our beautiful world is dying, being burned alive by a humanity and technology out of control. Our world is burning, being burnt alive, burnt down by a world full of people full of hubris.

The Rananim Foundation has been founded with the goal of healing our broken world. The mission of the Foundation is twofold:

  1. To spread the message of D. H. Lawrence and his vision of utopian communities isolated from the modern world.
  2. To help put those ideas into practice.

We believe that Lawrence was the greatest philosopher, political theorist, and mystic of the last two-hundred years, yet he has—sadly—been ignored or reviled. Books have been written by ignorant authors claiming Lawrence was many things he was not. We aim to clear up this confusion and show Lawrence for the great man he was. Our educational mission is to foster the understanding and acceptance of the political, philosophical, and religious views of Lawrence—world-wide.


Based on Lawrence’s writings, and others of similar ideals, we aim to heal our world. We believe the world can only be healed by less technology, not more, but that both the political and revolutionary paths to change have failed and are unlikely to be restored. As such, our goal is the creation of modern monastic communities built on Lawrencian principles. These communities would exist outside of the economic confines of the modern world. If everyone joined one of these communities and started abiding by its principles, the great calamity could be averted, but if, as is likely, the great calamity is inevitable, then our communities could be refuges from the deluge when the modern world finally collapses into chaos and calamity.

“I feel perfectly hopeless and disgusted with the world here… When we can but set sail for our Rananim, we shall have our first day of happiness. But it will come one day—before very long… That is the living dream. We will have our Rananim yet. Everything seems to have gone to pot in the world. And still I hope… we can find our Rananim… Hope is a great thing. We are not beaten yet, in spirit, but it is a critical moment. We must pray to the good unknown. I think we shall come out alright, even against so many millions… We shall all come to our Rananim before many years are out—only believe me—an Isle of the Blest, here on earth… We are going to found an Order of the Knights of Rananim.” —D. H. Lawrence